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Talk with a loved one on “the other side”.



Annie Zalezsak at Kelowna City Park (bridge in the background)

Bridging the gap between you and your loved ones in spirit.

Since childhood I sensed spirit and grew up doubting it was real; but after my near-death experience (NDE), I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that people retain their personality and live on in spirit after death.

And we can communicate with them. Any time.

After my NDE, communication with my loved ones “beyond the veil” became much clearer. My grandmother is often around me now (even though I barely knew her when she was alive). Around other people, their loved ones began to show up wanting to communicate with them.

As a third party, I have facilitated conversations between people here and “on the other side”. When you speak directly to your loved one in spirit, I can see, sense and hear their responses. I act as an interpreter and relay their answer to you.

This fascinating experience can be full of surprises. It can release doubts, confirm answers, and bring peace of mind. Your loved ones continue a life beyond this physical dimension, retaining their personality, memories, love and emotional connections with you. They want to communicate with you as much as you want to hear from them. Read more…

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